Georgia Bonesteel and Quilt
Ricky and Alex visit Flat Rock and the
Quilt Built Studio Glad to share that I am
a 2015 LEGEND. Join this internet club
to view and learn many aspects of our
quilt world.

A new book, SCRAP HAPPY QUILTS is due out in 2017. The dvd, The Great American Quilt Revival documentary is a must for every Guild library.
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What's Happening in Flat Rock and Henderson County?

A new venture! Come visit me at the the
Henderson County Curb Market
Hours are 9 to 2 every Thursday and Saturday. We have a bevy of quilts, pillows, purses, wall hangings and cards at "Georgia & Friends" booth. Come spring you will find wonderful fruits and veggies plus fresh eggs all the time.

Quilting deadlines, writing the book,  Playhouse Garden projects, my Hen Club, and beyond keep me stimulated and challenged. Enjoy my blog as I update monthly. Read More»

Blocks on Barns

Can Henderson County be far behind?


Buy Grid Grip

Are you still using plastic for templates?Switch to Grid Grip. It’s a graph pad andtemplate combined. Just design, code eachtemplate, cut out, press onto fabric, cut fabric adding the ¼” seam allowance and sew together. Now in equilateral (60 degree)triangles and ¼” continuous grid. Purchase »

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The 400 Series of Lap Quilting, 1995, and The 1100 Series of Lap Quilting, all day, anytime to learn, enjoy and share with fellow quilters.

The Companion book for the 1100 Series,
Georgia Bonesteel's Quiltmaking Legacy

Now available as an ebook form AQS

Go to their web site: Click on Shop and authors name for info.

The Companion Book to the 400 Series,
New Ideas for Lap Quilting, out of print, but
available copies on Ebay and Amazon.